Applying Ephesians 4:29 to Blogging

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Bill Mounce has written a post that applies Ephesians 4:29 to blogging.

He asks:
what if we accept the following guidelines:
1. Take every thought captive to Christ. In other words, think before we speak and write, weighing everything we say and write against the teachings of our Lord.

2. Feel free to disagree when it is appropriate to the situation, but always do so as an expression of grace.

3. When wanting to encourage, write it.

4. When wanting to criticize, if possible, do so face to face. If it is not possible, write only what you would say face-to-face.

5. No matter how angry or justified you feel, there is never a place for cruel or vulgar speech.

The whole post is definately a must for any Christian who frequents the blogosphere.

HT:Justin Taylor