Trouble in Amish Paradise

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This was an interesting program on the BBC: Trouble in Amish Paradise.
The main guy is a brilliant testimony of Christ.

Thanks to the BBC for doing programs like this.


reformedandbaptist said...

Thanks for the link, I couldn't believe it when I saw Ephraim and Jesse, I actually met them at a Pastors' Conference I got to every year, Jesse was there October past and Ephraim the year before.

Great program.


heartafire said...

Can't play this in the US.
What was the gist?

reformedandbaptist said...

Well to cut a long story short is that these guys have been converted and have now been excommunicated from their Amish church for such things as reading the Bible, having prayer meetings etc.

I know some of the folks involved in evangelising among the Amish in Lancaster County and there are a lot of movements happening. It almost seems the place is ripe for revival.

But what was really amazing was how honest the program was in letting these guys just talk about the Gospel without any snide comments etc.


Boaly said...

Yeh, i was amazed as to how much the BBC left in it. It was excellent and a very good representation of Christians, rather than the usual portait that we are all wing-nutts, which is how tv usually presents christians