The Noahaic Covenant points to the New Covenant in Christ.

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1. It was instituted by God
Because God loves us, He gave freely & without any call on our part the New Covenant. It was because He loved that He gave His only begotten Son to mediate the covenant by His own Blood, that salvation & life might come to us.

2. It was based upon sacrifice
Noah offered burnt offerings. Christ offered Himself as an sacrifice for sin.

3. It was pure, unmerited grace
Man was evil & every imagination of his heart, yet God did not consider the worthiness of the object (sinners, guilty, enemies) yet offered salvation freely.

4. It includes all
As the covenant with Noah was made with 'all flesh' so the Gospel is for all of mankind.

5. It was unconditional
It was not a covenant of works, upon the obedience of certain laws. Faith rejoiced & enjoyed the blessing as Faith rejoices & enjoys assurance in Christ.

6. It was everlasting
Genesis 9:16 declares it to be an everlasting covenant, and although the blessings of it are 'while the earth remains' it points to the everlasting covenant in Christ.

7. God gave a sign in confirmation
As God gave the rainbow as a sign that He would never again punish the earth with a global flood, He gave the Lord's table as a sign that Christ had once for all atoned for sin.