Ludicrous Apology

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The Church of England has made an apology to Charles Darwin & The Daily Mail, I think has it described to a 'T' - Ludicrous!

Here's an extract from the Church of England Website:

"The trouble with homo sapiens is that we’re only human. People, and institutions, make mistakes and Christian people and churches are no exception. When a big new idea emerges which changes the way people look at the world, it’s easy to feel that every old idea, every certainty, is under attack and then to do battle against the new insights. The church made that mistake with Galileo’s astronomy, and has since realised its error. Some church people did it again in the 1860s with Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection."

I have to agree that people, institutions, Christians & Church make mistakes, there is no doubt about that. But God's Word doesn't.
For example before Galileo The Bible taught a Global planet, for example:
Job 26:10
"He drew a circular horizon on the face of the waters..."
Isaiah 40:21-22
"the circle of the earth."

Why is it that we, yes we (Christians) find it hard to believe what God says about creation in Genesis 1&2, often bringing God under the authority of scientific 'theories' rather than testing science by the truth of God's Word?

Perhaps we need to apologise to God for not believing Him, & for mocking the idea that He made it by the Word of His mouth in 6 literal days as told in Genesis.

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Timotheus said...

Sadly I am not surprised by anything the church of england do these days.
It appears to be a last ditch attempt by the leadership to make the church seem modern and non-controversial in an increasingly anti-christian society.
May God open people's eyes to see the overwhelming evidence all around us which supports the Biblical view of Creation and a young earth.
I just can't understand why people find it so hard to take God at His word - after all, if you can't trust what God says then WHO can you trust?