Pray Like Jesus

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Continuing his series on 'Pray like Jesus' Mark Driscoll has posted some of his sermon notes. In this he poses the following questions to ask about our prayers:

1. Do you pray to get from God or to get God?

2. Do you pray to move God or for God to move you?

3. Do you pray to get out of pain or through it?

4. Do you courageously punctuate your prayers with “your will be done”?

5. Do you pray out of holy or unholy depression?

6. Do you pray in faith that God is not the author of sin but is the author over sin?

7. Do you ask your friends to pray for you even if you know they will fail?

8. Do you pray to both hear and accept God’s will for your life?

9. Do you accept that God will answer your prayers with “yes,” “no,” or “later”?

10. Do you know that knowing God’s will is far easier than walking in it (Heb. 5:7–8)?

11. Do you know a godly wife who lives like Jesus prayed and who models godly prayer (1 Cor. 11:3)?