To Be Emergent, Or Not To Be?

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I've been chatting to a few people who attended a seminar at New Horizon in Coleraine concerning the Emergent Church. Quite a few of those who I chatted with had never even heard of, or knew very little about the Emerent Church.

So, just for you, here's a download from Al Mohler talking with the Authors of "Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be"

For Further listening on this topic:
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What is the Emerging Church - John Piper
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supersimbo said...

man i just ordered the cd of that cuz i was not in attendance! I dont do them big conference type things, too many 'christians' at them!!

Look forward to hearing it even though its Jason Clark who is one of the UK emergent leaders so i guess its not hard to know what he will say!

Boaly said...

Haha - you reminded me of the bumper sticker Driscoll talked about "God save me from your followers". The conferences can be a bit like that!

I'd say the CD is worth listening, there's alot to learn from the emergent church. Maybe you'll post about it after you listen it.

supersimbo said...

Yea i probably will. Was just talking to my bro-in law about this and i totally agree that there is a lot to learn from the emergent guys and we jump too quickly into condemning them all by association. Some of them, i really like & if im honest i see myself, my experience of church etc in a lot of what i hear from some quarters.................'the disgruntled children of evangelicals' springs to mind haha

Boaly said...

Yeh, I can certianly agree with that, my own experience of church etc has left me dismayed at times and longing for something more.
Often fed up with tradition being held as though its scripture & the 'we missed you at the 1007 meetings through the week' attitude that often seeps through.

I do believe that we cannot compromise doctrine/scripture but that methods & means etc can come & go!
Quite ragin that in my own experience I've found some churches to be upholding scripture, yet so traditional and unflexible & often neglecting social needs etc,

Yet others have been so active socially, missionally, creative etc, yet often have neglected Scripture.

It seems that we Christians struggle to balance doctrine & practice.
I guess I'd probably throw myself into the 'young restless & reformed' camp with an openess to learn from both the emergent & the traditional.