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Asking the question yesterday about 'What Films people Re-watch' made me think about 're'-doing other things. So I'd like to follow up with the question:

"What Books Do you Re-Read?"

I'm not only asking for Christian books - I also enjoy non - Christian fiction and have re-read a few of Bernard Cornwell's books. So, whether its doctrinal, fiction, comedy, thriller what books have you re-read?


relevant? said...

I've started reading Joy Unspeakable by Lloyd Jones about 5 times - this last time I nearly got there too - but it beat me again! Its far too long!

Anonymous said...

books I re-read...

1. the Bible
2. the Valley of Vision
3. Morning and Evening by Spurgeon
4. Till we have Faces by CS Lewis
5. Safely Home by Randy Alcorn
6. The Martyr's Song by Ted Dekker

those would be my top 6 but there are many others I re-read too. :)

Great question, can't wait to hear other's responses so I can have some other books to add to my list!

Timotheus said...

Books I have read more than once;

'The Bible'

'Spurgeon's Devotional Bible'

'No Compromise' - The Life Story of Keith Green (written by his wife Melody Green)

'The Genesis Record' - Henry Morris

'Every Man's Battle'

Jeana said...

The Bible goes without saying.

The Little House Series--just about every year, since I was very young.

All Jane Austen's books

The Tightwad Gazette

For some reason my answer is amusing to me.

Having kids gives me a great excuse to reread my childhood favorites with them, like the Ramona books.

Boaly said...

Relevant? I take it that it keeps drawing you back or are you just determined to read it?

Emily, yeh seeing what other say is a great way of getting recommendations

TIm you love Genesis, cant believe you reread the genesis record

Jeana my son loves a book called Somwhere to stay, about a bear, cant wait to he's older and I can revisit some childhood favs. Thanks for reminding me that I have this to look forward to.