Piper Gems

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On 'The Shepherd's Scrapbook there's a great quote from John Piper's message at the Resolved conference. It is on 'Physical horrors and moral evil' and is quite lengthy but very challenging, here's a section of it that I found quite challenging to my soul:

"Ask yourself an honest question: How intensely outraged are you over your belittling of God compared to the engagement of your emotion when your child is hurt, or your leg is cut off, or you lose your job, or some physical thing happens?
Everything in you rises to say, “No!”

How often does your heart say “No!” with the same emotional engagement at your own sin? Not very often. Therefore, what God says, “Alright, I know that about fallen man, therefore I will display the horror of his sin in a way that he can feel.”

Read the whole post here or listen the whole sermon here.