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On Monday 30th June Barbara, Jacob & I will be heading off on holiday to Malta with some of Barbara's family. While I'm away I'm going to do my best to 'fast' from blogging from 30th June - 10th July. But I've arranged a few close friends to GuestBlog while I relax in the sun:

Gary Bolton - mon 30 June + Fri 4 July

David Kitchen - Tue 1 + 8 July

Simon Thompson Wed 2 + 9 July

Tim Millen Thurs 3 + 10 July

And a female voice will come from Gemma Roche - Mon 7 July

There are a couple of others who've been invited to post, but who may or may not get opportunity.
All have the freedom to post whenever they wish, the above is just an outline so there's new posts up each day - ENJOY!