Around the Blogosphere - 16-05-08

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Thabiti gives a great quote from Mark Dever's book 9marks, on Healthy Churches and Christian Growth

Robert Bjerkaas writes on Resurgence a post called "And Adam Called His Wife's Name Eve": A Study in Authentic Biblical Manhood

Mark Altrogge gives a description on the Blazing Center of What Hell is like.
Also on the Blazing Center there's a good post giving advice on praying for those in trials.

A Sacrifice of Praise offers some thoughts on being too busy.

Josh Buice post an interesting article concerning the love affair that popular televisions seems to have with sins of adultery.

Simon Thompson begins a new series on 'The man of faith...Abraham'.

The Mars Hill blog for Mission and Vision has a post up going through the Description of a Disciple’s Life.

Abraham Piper gives some added instruction to help with accountability.