Somethings happening even when it feels nothing's happening

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This morning I've been in work since 7:30am, and I've been feeling pretty bored, (I don't know whether this is because there's a weekend of caving, exploring etc going on that I decided not to go to), but this morning I've been feeling as though nothing exciting is happening.

But looking around me here's what's happening;
o The Muller is finishing off a run of 150,000 Gospels of Luke in Telugu for India. Later they'll change to Croatian Gospels of John

o One folder is folding other booklets for India.

o Another folder is folding endless (and I'm not exaggerating) amounts of tracts in Portuguese for Brazil.

o And my folder, well I'm finishing up a run of CEF tracts for Brazil.

o Later on, as others arrive to work, printing machines will start up, more folders will be switched on and more literature will be being put together for the Glory of God.
So though I've been bored and feeling that not much is happening, there is quite a bit going on around me at Every Home Crusade.

My Lesson this morning
God is doing alot, even when I don't see it. Sometimes like this morning in EHC it is plain to see when I look for it, at other times, well it's not so easy to see what's being done by His hand.

Perhaps we all could do with a good look around as we ask what God is doing?


Emily said...

great post. thanks for these thoughts. it is SO encouraging to look around in our lives and see God's work.

He does a lot throughout the mundane and I think all too often we fail to give Him glory for it. How exciting to read about what's happening with all these books.

I'm glad I found your blog. What I've read so far has been encouraging to me. Thanks!

Boaly said...

Emily thanks for your encouraging comment.

For me its something I really need to work at, I see so many things as mundane or boring, yet fail to see God's hand in it.

Timotheus said...

We saw God's handiwork when we went caving too bro. And I have to admit, it was exciting too (especially the 120 ft. abseil into the mouth of a cave). God's creation above the ground and the beauty He has formed below the ground (in caves formed by underground flows of water) all reflect the glory of our omnipotent Lord Jesus!

"He cutteth out rivers among the rocks; and his eye seeth every precious thing." Job 28:10

Boaly said...

Bro, I just turned green with envy over your caving!