Distracted on Isle Havsumore

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Cbeebies showed a cartoon called Tommy Zoom, in which the evil Poluto distracted the hero Tommy's by playing on his desire for finding buried treasure on Isle Havsumore (I'll have some more).

As I watched it I realized that this the common trap that we fall into, we get side tracked from seeking first the Kingdom, by our desires to have more wealth & possessions etc. The lust of the world takes our attention to created things rather than our creator God, distracted from what is infinitely more valuable toward things that will fade, rust and perish, striving after the temporal and missing the eternal.

Lets not spend our time distractedly digging on Isle Havsumore, but realize that God is infinitely more than anything this world offers, clinging to Jesus' words that we are to "seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you."


Gemma Roche said...

brilliant point gary!! i hope u explained that to jacob so he can start life as he means to go on...

Boaly said...

I think I need to explain it completely to myself every minute, never mind Jacob!