Daily experiences with God?

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I was reading about the puritan, Isaac Ambrose last night.
Isaac was a "strong proponent of keeping a diary to record daily experiences with God."
This is amazing! How many of us really expect 'daily experiences' with God to such an extent that we set out to keep a diary or journal of them?

This reminded me of something that J.I. Packer said:
"When Christians meet, they talk to each other about their christian work and christian interests, their christian acquaintances, the state of the church and the problems of theology - But rarely of their daily experience of God".

My question is: "how do we go about daily experiences with God?" and I guess the answer is something that we already know;
To begin with we could think about spending time in Prayer and in the Bible!


Stephen Altrogge said...

Boaly - Good thoughts. How often do I approach my devotions expecting experiences with God? Not often enough. Thanks for sharing this.

Boaly said...

I think you hit it on the nail there Stephen, coming to our devotions expecting experiences with God!