He's Alive

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"Darkness turns to light, ,
Uncomparable joy has taken over from fright,
He died upon that cruel tree,
Went to the grave for the world - and for me.
But then, upon the third day
He arose, the stone was rolled away! "

That's my feeble effort at poem, which is not very good I have to admitt!
But Christ, my Lord is no longer upon that Cross, nor is He in the tomb!
No - He is alive, seated at the right hand of God the Father.
Jesus, the Son of God lived a completely righteous life and died a cruel death, taking the wrath of God over our sin.
He was placed in a tomb, but on the third morning He arose.
Now His righteousness is credited to those who believe and because their sin was dealt with at the cross there is a way to God.
Jesus lives!