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In the above ad for VW POLO the dog has confidence to sing at the top of his voice while in the car, yet when out of it his song becomes almost a whisper as his confidence leaves him.

As I've watched this I've thought about how similar this can be to us as Christians.
I've had two thoughts on it, one a positive aspect and one perhaps having a more negative feel to it.

I'll start with the more negative thought.

This can reflect how we as Christians have confidence to sing at the top of our voices and talk abundantly and without fear about Christ and His Word when we are in Church or in the company of other Christians. Yet when we are outside the Church and away from other Believers we struggle with fear and our confident singing and conversation becomes a whisper as we try not to be noticed too much.

Another side of this, holding a more positive aspect, would be the thought that when we are apart from Christ our confidence fades away, yet when we are walking closely with Him we have more confidence and courage. Much like Peter who was able to walk on water and confidently strike out with a sword at those who came to arrest Jesus, all because he was in the company of Jesus! Yet when apart from Jesus fear overwhelmed him, as when confronted during the trial of Jesus when Peter denied Him three times.

Let's pray and strive to have confidence to let our lives, mouths and hearts sing loadly of the great Saviour when we are both in and out of Christian fellowship all because we are aware that we are in Christ Jesus!