Pin Pointed Pride...

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Over the 247 weekend I was becoming more and more convinced that I should change my message. I'd heard Tim on Saturday morning and was feeling, somewhat out of depth with Simon speaking Saturday night and myself following on Sunday. I remember describing how I felt to someone; "My dear friends Tim and Simon are like monster trucks in the pulpit and I feel like a 1998 Nissan Micra in comparison".
But speaking is not about comparisons, it is about being faithful to the gift and calling of God and primarily about being faithful to the text. I was listening a message by C. J. Mahaney today and realized that my desires to change my message had stemed from pride, and wanting to impress, while in the company of such gifted men.

Thankfully I decided (through tiredness) to bring the message that i'd prepared and which God had given me for the weekend, because I know that if I had changed it that it would have been a mess.

I did not realize at the time that pride was swaying my steps, and thankfully it didn't have its way, but I am ever so thankful for Christ pointing it out so that I can repent and beware of it in cases like this in the future.

As for my friends Tim and Simon, I should know by now that they do not listen me with ears to critic or assess my ability, but to learn and listen as well as help and pray for me. To you two guys I give a huge thanks for your friendship and influence upon my life and offer an apology that pride had effect and that I felt inferior to you guys when each of us are called only to use the measure of gifts we had.
And I apologize to Christ, I was not trusting in Him enough!


simont said...

No need for apology brother! I know that feeling! And your gift in the way in which you communicate truth is something that I know I lack. Standing beside you in the fight to keep the motives and our usage of our gifts pure for the glory of Jesus and the service of others!!

Timotheus said...

Very Boalish post brother!
Your humility before the Lord here is worth 10 sermons alone. If only I could be that honest with myself, with others and with God.