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Ok, so anyone who knows Hillsborough Lake probably knows this tree, who of us have not walked out to see how far we can get on it?
I took this picture the other day and as I was taking it I was thinking of how such a huge tree, probably rooted beside the lake for quite a long time, (tempted to write over 1 hundred years, but i'v no notion how long it has actually been there) came to be uprooted and lying on the ground.
My thoughts were pretty much;
Wow, what an illustration that all of us, no matter how long we've been Christians, how strong we are, or seem to be. No matter how great a Christian reputation we have, as a person, in ministry, or in any other way!
No matter how well we may esteem ourselves in knowledge of the word or how big a name we have in Christian circles;
We need to beware, for our enemy the devil seeks to devour us, and non of us are imune to temptation and any can fall at any time!
Whether pride creeps in, lust sways our thoughts, bitterness grasps us we all need to take heed to ourselves lest we perish!

How many of us do not know of 'huge trees' in our churches or Christian circles who have fallen?

We all need to take heed to our walk with Christ so we don't end up like a fallen tree, uprooted and unable to drink deeply of the water that gives life!

[I could write more here, clarifying that I don't believe in saved lost theology, nor do I give much credit to the phrase 'backslidden' because I don't see either in the New Testament but I will leave that for now].


telly sublime said...

Se não for chato pra você...eu posso treinar meu inglês aqui??????
Blog bonito porque a paisagens são lindas !
god bless you.Forever.
Gisele Hagnus.Manaus.Amazonas.

simont said...

Such a challenge brother! Self examination may be a painful experience but often a prevention to the snares of the enemy. Thanks for the call to remember! Take heed lest we fall! God bless ya brother

Anonymous said...

Bro some Spanish speaking dude left a comment above Simon's. That's classy - who is it? What does the Spanish speak mean? Ask Heather to translate it for you.