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Since Tuesday i've been feeling a bit under the weather, downcast, stressed out and a million other words to describe the blues!
But Christ is good and today had my wife pour out verses to me in order to encourage and strengthen me, it seemed that while I was at work I got a text every few minutes from her! Phil 4:8; 4:13; Rom 8:18 to name a couple.
Praise God for Godly wives who can stand by us and help us when we are down and need them to point us to grace!
Thank you Barbara for your help in clearing my vision of Grace and the Cross!

Some of the other means God has used to uplift me were;
A text from a friend thanking me for the series on Spiritual Gifts (You know who you are, your text came at an opportune time).
And suprisingly a film, "Night at the Museum" which was a great to switch off, laugh at Ben Stiller being a fool", enjoy the setting of a museum (aren't they the coolest place to go) and enjoy popcorn and dairy milk film!
If you haven't seen Night at the Museum rent it out, it's a great family, feel good film that actually reminded me that I love history and museums etc. Especially how much I loved the Cairo Museum which is amazing, I wanna go back spend more time there, ah well guess i'll have to settle for the ulster museum (Which is closed to 2009)!