Four Decades of Ministry with John Macarthur

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Today at work I listened to the 9marks interview with John MacArthur, it was class!
When I first started working at Every Home Crusade I was immediately confronted with the name "John MacArthur", my friend and dear brother in Christ Gary Bolton was at that stage to say the least a MacArthuritte and soon I was joining him in listening sermons and reading, perhaps devouring is a better description, the books!
And today we still continue to be influenced by and much love the ministry of this man of God, sermon cd's, commentaries and books, oh yeh and study bible (most of the people in Bottear at one point had a MacArthur Study bible, it was also one of the first things I bought my now wife Barbara).
Don't get me wrong, these days I listen and read alot of other people, not just MacArthur, but I remember sweetly the influence his books and sermons had in those early days of my saved life espicially "you call me Lord", what a book for a young Christian to read.

Check out Mark Dever interview MacArthur at 9Marks. Although it was done a while ago I only came across it the other night!