Devotional Books - A Couple of Thoughts

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It's that time of year we find ourselves browsing through devotional books and plans. We may be looking for ourselves or as a gift for someone else. We may be looking an app on our phones, or a conventional book. But we should look for gold.

What do I mean?
If we are going to spend time every day over the next year reading a devotional plan we should look for something that is going to challenge us as well as raise our affections towards Christ.

Here's a couple of examples of what i mean: Recently I was in a group devotion where a book (I won't name the author) was used, a devotional book. This was a book full of daily stories and very light thoughts.
In the same group a few days later (I'll name this author - J.C Ryle) and while reading time was very similar on both books, Ryle had much more weight, more of a challenge and caused our minds to think about Christ and what was read.

Some devotional books give little ear massages, some are feel good, but the golden ones are those plans or apps that are Christ centred, cause thought and contemplation long after they're closed and drive our hearts to long for our Saviour.

Have you any recommendations?