The Speaker I Didn't Get To Hear - But Now I Will.

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The week I started working in Revival Movement Association all the guys there were talking about a visitor they'd had the previous week. The guy was covertly known as Bro Mac and had talked about his work in a Country closed to the Gospel. Over the years the work has supplied literature again and again to him and even as I type this we are printing in the language of that closed country.

Over the years we've had many great & interesting men & women of God come to the factory and encourage us with what Christ is doing through the partnership of our ministry & theirs. But i guess it was the one i missed that always interested me - that speaker who so impressed my work mates that they were still talking about him that week i started.

16 years on Bro Mac is speaking at the work's conference tomorrow (yep - i'll finally get to hear him).