I acknowledge the Reality of Hell, But Do i Really Believe it?

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I absolutely affirm the Biblical teachings on hell. To point quickly to one verse i'd go with 2 Thessalonians 1:9

"They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might..."

But it is one thing to affirm the truth of something, and another to actually believe it, or to 'own it' for yourself and in your life. If i did fully, and absolutely believe it i'm sure my efforts to reach non-christians would be very, and radically different.

A couple of days ago i was walking with Jacob (our 2 year old) when he darted off towards the road. I absolutely knew that if he kept going we'd be facing unthinkable sorrow, so i ran after him and caught him. Screaming he tried to pull away, and even though he didn't want me to, i trailed him away from the road.
I not only knew the truth about the dangers of the road, but i 'owned' the belief of them so much so that they drove me to action.

Believing in Hell
And so it is with the doctrine or belief of hell. Many people are running there as fast as they can and although i acknowledge the truth of it, i am not actively trying to get between them and the danger.

Only One Saviour
I thought i should clarify that i do not believe that i can save anyone from hell, or change the course of their lives. Rather it is only Jesus, by His Spirit & Word who can do this.
But He has given His Church the great 'charge' of bringing the gospel to lost and hell bound people.

Owning It?
I'm not sure how to begin owning the belief. I guess looking at the Biblical teachings on hell will be one place to go. Prayer will be another, asking Christ to fill us with awareness of the wrath of God that is to come. And i guess the character of God is another place to go, as hell was His idea and He is a God of justice, jealousy, wrath, love, compassion & mercy.

I think i could list a lot of, or perhaps most doctrines or teachings i hold to, and say much the same thing. Do i 'own' what i say is true?

What other areas do you suggest that we acknowledge as true, yet do not really live out or 'own' with our lives?


Anonymous said...

So true, what a great post and something to really strive to do more.