D.L.Moody on False God's In Our Day

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"You do not have to go to heathen lands today to find false gods. Our country is full of them. Whatever you make most of is your god. Whatever you love more than God is your idol. Many a mans heart is like some Kaffirs' huts, so full of idols that there is hardly room to turn round.
Rich and poor, learned and unlearned, all classes of men and women are guilty of this sin. . .

. . .A man may make a god of himself, of a child, of a mother, of some precious gift that God has bestowed upon him. He may forget the giver, and let his heart go out in adoration toward the gift.

Many make a god of pleasure; that is what their hearts are set on . . . Others take fashion . . . With many it is the god of money. We have not got through worshipping the golden calf yet."