What's Your Opinion on Theology?

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If you're a Christian & not a huge fan of theology, perhaps this short post by Tim Challies can help change your mind.

Disinfect Your Mind
Stephen Altrogge offers a great post today on disinfecting our minds, definately worth reading.


Anonymous said...

I also am of the opinion that we all, as Christians, are called to "Theology" - a study of God. God calls us to himself for a relationship.

I also think that more people should give up the "spirituality" of things (Christian, non-christian, semi-christian, etc.) and seek God. I find that I draw very close to the heart of God though both "Theology" and "Theology-ology", but perhaps different people are wired different ways. Or, perhaps, too many Christians are lazy. Perhaps too many "Christians" were NOT saved/converted to the God of scriptures, but perhaps a version of Santa Claus or a Generous, Wealthy Grandma-figure.

Ultimately, I think it's some of all three.

Boaly said...

I think that in alot of cases your right aragamuffin.
Theology though is class, and I struggle to grasp how christian's can't love it! As we study it, we see more of God.

Brian said...

Well, I also struggle to grasp how a Christian can NOT love Theology as well.