Do we Offer thanks as much as we complain?

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I was thinking today, that we as Christians often are very quick to criticize. You know what I mean!
We see something that we think is wrong and so we speak out, phone into a radio show or write to a paper or local MP, often building a reputation as religious nutts who complain and protest against everything.
Yet when someone does something good, we aren't so quick to actively praise them over it.

The past few times that I've been in Sainsburys I've noticed that there are screens on the magazine racks blocking the veiw of the lad's magazines (think FHM etc) from full view.
Now, in most stores or newsagents these are in full display, showing scantaly clad ladies who's purpose is to entice attention to that magazine.

So I wrote to Sainsburys thanking them for their wisdom and choice in placing these screens on their racks.

It may be good for us to offer our gratitude for actions like this, to whoever is concerned!
Perhaps our active and vocal gratitude may go some small lengths toward opening hearts and minds to listen to the Gospel.

[Update: 03-05-08: Sainsburys replied with gratitude for my complimentary email.]


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any excuse boaly!!