Quick Quiz with No Prize

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In the Picture above what is the childrens program on tv behind Jacob?

There is no prize for this, apart from the awe & respect that people will have for your extensive knowledge of children programs.


Walter said...

I will probably know this due to minding my younger cousins... Is it the Fimbles?!

Timotheus said...

There are two possible answers to this. The purple and green character behind jacob is definitely Roly Mo (Little Bo's uncle) who does feature in the Fimbles when it's story-time, however, he also has his own show - "The Roly Mo Show", thus creating a more difficuly dilemma.
After more careful analysis I believe Walter has chosen correctly due to the flowers in the foreground. The Fimbles takes place outdoors amidst many weird purple flowers whereas the Roly Mo Show takes place entirely underground.

Jonny Raine said...

the fimbles, definitely!