Monday, 8 November 2021

Thought About Self Publishing


 I recently self published a novelette through Amazon's KDP. I've been writing a longer novel for a while but took a break to write Voracious and experiment to see how easy it was to publish both kindle and paperback versions.

What did I learn? 

Check, Check, Check and Check again. I had people who are much better at English than me, check it over. I took advice and learned a lot about grammar and writing. But after the book being available on Kindle for a week I received the paperback proofs and guess what? THERE WERE GLARING MISTAKES. 

Now in regards to kindle a simple update does the job. And as long as people who've bought it have automatic updates on in their kindle settings the book will update. 

But if they've read it this is too late. 

I have wanted to write a story for years and much of that will culminate in the novel I am working on. A major aspect that held me back was that I pretty much failed GCSE English and I know exactly where my failings land. 

This brings its own concerns about putting it out there, knowing. Just knowing you will face criticism. 

But the criticism hasn't come in that regards, it's from people asking why I'm doing it. "What are you writing books for?" 

I am a reader. And for the past few years I've read atleast a book a week. These are usually novels, but also include biography and theology.

 I read Conn Iggulden a few years ago when he said he writes because he is first of all a reader and from that moment I've been working on the novel that will be called "Traitorous." 

But the real answer as to why I'm writing lies in the same question about why we do anything. Why play a sport? Why watch a movie? Why go travelling or exploring? Why do I like go Paddleboarding? 

Because we want to. 

I am under no illusions as to my skills as an author. I am no Bernard Cornwell or Stephen King. But I am Gary Boal and I write at Gary Boal's level with his imagination and background. 

What else have I learned? 

The KDP system is great for self publishing. 

You receive more royalties from the kindle version than paperback. And to be honest the paperback really isn't worth it financially. But there are a huge number of people who only read from physical books so if you don't, you miss a huge chunk of potential readers.

It's fun! Holding an actual paperback version of your own book is pretty exciting. 

 I wish I'd checked it a little more before publishing I know that it is unfortunately part of a learning process.

All in all I am proud of the story. And having published Voracious I am excited to get Traitorous finished. 

I am thankful for those voices of encouragement and those who read, edited and taught me through the process. Your patience, correction and wisdom are always welcome. 

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