Boys-2-Men Introduction & Its Leaders

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A few days ago i was in a conversation with a lady who has had terrible experiences with men. This came on the back of hearing of another man's cheating ways, of a 'mummys boy' approach to most of his life, of a young man disobeying Jesus & sleeping with his girlfriend, & of a man stringing along 2 women without any intetion of commiting to either. I know of men who neglect wives because they are lazy, addicted to porn, addicted to gaming and/or various other issues.
And it leads me to join with many women and say

"Men are pigs!"

. . .Wait. . .Jesus was a man, so not all men are lying, lazy, lustful, adulterous, wastes of space. But it does seem most are; or at least many of us fit the description Driscoll gives of 'boys who can shave', not worthy to be described as men!

Beside my work (old factory) there's a hair dressers called 'Boys 2 Men', seemingly you go in a boy, get your hair cut & hey-presto; you're a man!
I wonder, however, what the program would look like if a Church was to begin 'boys 2 men' discipleship courses. So over the next while i intend to explore some thoughts on this from what the leaders would be like, right through to . . . whatever pops into my mind.

Lets start off with what is most important:


  • Godly 'masculine' men (gender isn't enough, they have to be real men!), who others say very little against.

  • These guys are 'ONE woman' men as they are devoted to romancing, caring, providing for, serving & leading their wives. They do not look at porn or masturbate, & they avoid all areas of lustful or sexual temptation.

  • They are Practical & level headed, able to think sensibly about things.

  • They are self disciplined in all areas of their life, from devotional times with Christ through to how they live in their home, their use of Internet, food, drink, games etc...

  • Other men admire them, looking up to them as role models of masculinity. Other men would follow the leaders of this course into battle.

  • When you visit them they welcome you in, serve you & make you relax in their homes. They are friendly & make each person seem as though they are the sole focus of their attention.

  • They are able to teach, give guidance & to explain the Scriptures clearly so that hearers 'get it'. When they speak their words catch in the minds of those who hear them & you feel like you could listen them all day ~ they just make it all so interesting.

  • They don't get drunk & have no addictions to substances, sex, porn, games, TV or anything else.

  • They do not fly off the handle in violence and although they can stand courageously against false teaching, they humbly & gently yet firmly & courageously use truth to persuade.

  • They are not out to simply play devil's advocate and start discussions by any means. They do not argue for the sake of arguing, but when needs be, they can open up the Scriptures and drive the truth home.

  • They are generous & not stingy with money, they do not love money as though it were the means of happiness.

  • Their homes & families are managed well, and without a fuss.

  • Their Children love Jesus and obey their parents.

  • They are mature Christians who have a consistent track record of faith & love in Jesus Christ.

  • Even non~Christians praise these guys & enjoy spending time with them at their house or playing sports etc...

    That's the leaders for the Boys-2-Men discipleship Course! You can also find these qualifications in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

    Next time ~ What is wrong with males?