Sin Exposed

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As the world is still shaken by the cruelty of a father to his daughter in Austria, we find another story in the news, this time a mother in Germany who kept the corpses of 3 babies in a freezer.
I remember when someone mentioned the terrible events in Austria that someone proclaimed: "Does the depravity of man know no limits?"

Evidently "NO".

I find myself saying "Its weird that they weren't discovered until now" but really in my mind I'm not overly surprised. People have a tendency to be one thing in public, yet another in private, and that goes for all of us!

But in thinking of how these acts of cruelty and wickedness were kept secret for so long, I thought of Jesus' words in Matthew 10:26

"For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and nothing hidden that will not be known."

Jesus is talking about the day of judgement, when everything will be brought into the open. For now many people in the world have secret sins. From small lies to horrendous acts such as we see in the news. Even within Christian circles I wonder how many of us guys are the 'christian' when we're out and about with others, yet secretly harbour the secret addiction to porn? [If that's you check out X3watch].

I wonder on that day how many evil acts like that mentioned above will be brought to light, cruelty never exposed here on earth, yet known by Holy God.
Yet I think that we cannot only think about those acts, but must contemplate our own secrets; what is currently 'hidden' in my life that is sin against God; (from small 'white' lies to lustful thoughts, from so called 'small' sins to more prominent ones.) Yet, that will be brought into the light to be seen upon that fearful day, before an all-knowing Christ?